Amy Marie

I wish I could say it was my childhood dream to be an astronomer.  The reality is that I did not recognize this ultimate goal until after taking my first two astronomy classes in 2012.  While working toward a bachelor’s degree (in English), I faced a choice of which science general education course to take: geology or astronomy.  Living under a light-polluted sky my whole life, I had yet to grasp the magnitude of the universe hidden from view.  The first astronomy elective gave me a glimpse and grabbed my attention.  After the second class, I was hooked.  Little did I realize the power of electives to alter the course of my career and my life.   As someone who finishes what she begins, I graduated with my English degree (and two minors) in the spring of 2014.  However, my goal had become to acquire a PhD in astronomy because that was the necessary path to becoming what I aspire to be: a research astronomer.  To prepare for this advanced degree, I transferred back into my university in the fall to work toward a bachelor’s degree in physics.

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