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The Delaware Astronomical Society is a very active group and we have a lot of fun reaching out to others and enjoying the night sky.  The following articles are event reports from some of our adventures.


DAS 2019 Dinner Meeting
Published: 03-11-2019 Hits: 2897
  The 2019 Dinner Meeting will be at Christ Church, in Greenville, DE It's on Tuesday, May 21 2019 A map can be found here. When you arrive to the church, ...
ChesLen's Moon & Planets Party
Published: 07-30-2018 Hits: 1311
DAS will be one of the astronomy clubs at this Free, Family Friendly star-gazing extravaganza sharing telescope views of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon. Click here to register.
Friday Night Lights 2018
Published: 06-19-2018 Hits: 1366
Friday Night Lights is an evening of music, beer, wine, sunset socializing and a star party.  Click here for more details.
Heavens Above
Published: 05-26-2018 Hits: 2438
Click here for finding the International Space Station and many other orbiting and Solar System objects.
EarthSky - Tonight
Published: 05-26-2018 Hits: 2631
Click here to read about what you can see tonight in the sky.
DAS 2018 Dinner Meeting
Published: 03-11-2018 Hits: 867
  The 2018 Dinner Meeting will be at Christ Church, in Greenville. It's on Tuesday, May 15 2018 and A map can be found here. When you arrive to the church, ...
Observing at Dark Sites
Published: 10-13-2017 Hits: 5519
There’s nothing wrong with any size telescope that a good dark sky doesn’t fix. That’s been my mantra ever since my first visit to Cherry Springs State Park with my 8” ...
Some Lessons in Observational Astronomy
Published: 03-26-2017 Hits: 2449
     For this past dark window two rewarding observing sessions graced my photon starved eyeball (make that eyeballs for the time I was using binoviewers) bringing to conclusion ...
At Mount Cuba Astronomical Observatory
Published: 09-08-2016 Hits: 4333
Click here then scroll down for Public and Family events at the MCAO.
Wading into a Cold Spring
Published: 06-03-2016 Hits: 2914
In temperatures down to 23°F of my April 5, 2016 observing session at the Blue Mountain Vista Observation Field (BMVO) with my 18” f/4.3 reflector my new Cabela's Heavyweight Mens Long ...
Nexus DSC by Astro Devices , mini-review
Published: 02-22-2016 Hits: 7304
On my ServoCAT driven 18” f/4.3 StarStructure LE Series telescope I installed new digital setting circles, the Nexus DSC from Astro Devices (http://www.astrodevices.com/), a drop-in replacement ...
2015-9 Lunar Eclipse Photos
Published: 09-29-2015 Hits: 2734
On 9/27/15, the moon was eclipsed by the Earth's Shadow.  The Delaware Astronomical Society was prepared with 2 events scheduled.  We had one event on the Delaware river and a second ...
Chasing Pluto
Published: 07-07-2015 Hits: 2908
On July 14, 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft will zip past Pluto and its five known moons. Nobody really knows what it will find. Click here for more.
New Horizons Latest Reports
Published: 06-25-2015 Hits: 4036
2015 Dinner Meeting Speaker
Published: 04-16-2015 Hits: 2583
    MIKE MENZEL: MISSION SYSTEMS ENGINEER for the JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE Abstract:   This presentation will give an overview of the James Webb Space ...
DAS 2015 Dinner Meeting
Published: 03-03-2015 Hits: 4106
After the great success of the 2014 Dinner Meeting, we will be holding this year's meeting in a similar fashion! The price will remain $20 per person, registration below (membership not ...
DAS 2016 Dinner Meeting
Published: 03-03-2015 Hits: 3606
The 2017 Dinner Meeting will be again held at the beautiful Ashland Nature Center. A map can be found here. Information on how to register and more details will follow soon. 6:00pm - Social Hour ...
DAS 2017 Dinner Meeting
Published: 03-03-2015 Hits: 2227
The 2017 Dinner Meeting will be again held at the beautiful Ashland Nature Center. It's on Tuesday, May 16 2017 and the price is still only $20.00!!! A map can be found here. ...
Reports on Events
Published: 12-18-2014 Hits: 5127
Comet Lovejoy In the Sky
Published: 12-16-2014 Hits: 3369
Please, click here to read about Comet Lovejoy when it was traveling through our Solar System in March 2015. Photo by Rob Lancaster, DAS VP, Web Designer, Program Chair
Hubble Still Captivates After 25 Years
Published: 10-22-2014 Hits: 3938
Surreal Stars: After 25 Years NASA's Hubble Telescope Still Unlocks Celestial Mysteries Click here to see.    
A1 Comet Siding Spring Near Miss with Mars Oct. 19, 2014
Published: 10-15-2014 Hits: 3891
Click here for Animation and up to date information of Comet Siding Springs' Close Encounter With Mars of Oct. 19, 2014. For more information click here.
Return to Spruce Knob (2014)
Published: 10-15-2014 Hits: 3219
My wife and I spent from September 24 to 28 in Canaan Valley, WV with buddies and their spouses from the ChesMont Astronomical Society. I’ve made this trip with them for the past 6 years and ...
DelMarva's Fall Stargaze
Published: 10-12-2014 Hits: 5464
DASers gathered at Tuckahoe State Park, MD for the Fall No Frills Stargaze of the DelMarva Stargazers held from September 18 to 21, 2014. Arriving Thursday afternoon about 3PM, I had my tent set up ...
Friday Night Lights at ChesLen Preserve
Published: 10-11-2014 Hits: 3620
The NLT's Friday Night Lights on July 11, 2014 unfolded under mostly cloudy skies despite weather forecasts for clear to mostly clear. This annual event has been sponsored by the Natural Lands ...
InOMN at ChesLen Preserve
Published: 08-22-2014 Hits: 2922
Quite a bit of work on the part of the ChesLen Preserve managers helped to make a success out of the much less than favorable skies for the International Observe The Moon Night event on Saturday, ...
Observing Supernova SN2014j (The Cigar Lights Up)
Published: 08-21-2014 Hits: 3542
Eleven to 12 million years ago a white dwarf star and its companion star weren’t playing well together in the Cigar Galaxy, aka Messier 82 (M82). The white dwarf had been systematically ...
DelMNH Hosts Astronomy Day- May '14
Published: 08-21-2014 Hits: 3011
May 10 was AstronomyDay and DAS promoted it under very cloudy skies at the Delaware Museum of Natural History. After Greg Lee gave an informative presentation in the lecture hall, he, Keith Given and ...
NEAF 2014
Published: 08-21-2014 Hits: 3888
NEAF was its usual fill of new equipment, interesting lectures and opportunities to talk one-on-one with manufacturers. DAS members explored many of the exhibits, covering a broad array of astronomy ...
DAS at the DelMarva StarGaze XX April 24 - 27, 2014
Published: 08-15-2014 Hits: 3296
DAS at the DelMarva StarGaze XX April 24 - 27, 2014 Three planets, a few dozen galaxies, several galaxy groups and a couple of galaxy clusters, along with a number of various eye popping nebulae ...


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