Nico Carver

Nico with telescope at Mt. Cuba

Nico Carver's main interest is astrophotography, and he focuses mostly on large emission nebulae. It is possible to shoot these from his backyard in Newark using narrowband filters. Nico also try to get dark skies when he can including star parties and trips to Delaware State Parks. You can find some samples of his work below and more at his website: Nebula Photos.

Nico has been active with the DAS and especially the AP-SIG since 2016. He currently serves DAS as the publications chair and the elections chair. If you have anything to include in the FOCUS newsletter, email Nico your ideas, articles, and photos any time: nicocarver AT gmail DOT com.

Flying Bat Nebula Blue Horsehead Nebula Spaghetti Nebula

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