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The Delaware Astronomical Society meets to observe, photograph, and share the night sky at several different locations both near and far.  Some are close enough to have a impromptu observing session or public outreach event.  Others are further away, but are much darker sites. Below you will find a series of articles describing each location, giving its weather information for the next couple of days, a map showing how to get there, and most importantly, instructions on when the facility will be open and the procedures for you to come to observe.

A word of caution to everyone:  Use common sense when planning to observe at dark sites. NEVER go alone. Use reasonable precautions as  you are in areas where animals or other members of the public may wander onto your observing site. Being on a field in the dark has its own natural risks. Delaware Astronomical Society does not own or regulate these observing locations and is not responsible or liable for accidents or misbehavior that might occur at these locations. You assume all risks.

1 Sawin Observatory
Published: 08-10-2014 Hits: 9728
  The Sawin Observatory is the main observatory of the Delaware Astronomical Society.  It has two telescopes and is very handy for a quick visit. SPECIAL NOTE: Laser pointers ...
2 Mount Cuba Observatory
Published: 08-10-2014 Hits: 8453
  Mount Cuba Astronomical Observatory (MCAO) is an important host-partner of the Delaware Astronomical Society.  Aside from it being the location of our monthly meetings, our Sawin ...
3 ChesLen Preserve
Published: 08-13-2014 Hits: 3866
ChesLen Preserve of the Natural Lands Trust (NLT) is a great facility with wide open spaces conveniently located near Embreeville in Chester County, PA about 30 minutes north of Mount Cuba.  The ...
4 Blue Mountain Vista Observatory
Published: 08-10-2014 Hits: 4204
Blue Mountain Vista is an observing location owned and operated by DAS member Frank Colosimo near New Ringgold, PA.  It is in a very dark location, on top of a ridge with a beautiful open sky. ...
5 Tuckahoe State Park
Published: 08-10-2014 Hits: 3170
  Tuckahoe State Park is a site that the DAS only uses during Delmarva Stargazer's star parties.  Note that normally, you would not be able to set up on the field we use for star ...
6 Coyle Field - CLOSED -
Published: 08-10-2014 Hits: 4356
Coyle Field, NJ is in the Pine Barrens. This is a restricted/gated site maintained by the State of NJ and primarily used for military air drops practice. However, the field was officially ...

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