Rob Lancaster

Rob Lancaster is a physics teacher and an amateur astronomer.  He loves taking astrophotos and woodworking and the joys of the concepts in astronomy and physics.  

He ground, polished, and figured a 10” telescope mirror at the Delmarva Stargazers Mirror Making Seminar in 2007 and built a telescope to contain it.  He mounted it on a Losmandy G11 mount and takes astrophotos with it.  He also made a dobsonian mount for it for visual observing.  He is working on a long term project of a 15” dobsonian telescope for visual observing.


Astronomy Interests:

Education and Outreach

Telescope Making



 Here are some examples of my astrophotography.

Horsehead Horsehead
Crab Crab
crescent 5 min ...
crescent 5 min stack of 4 crescent 5 min stack of 4
dumbell stack 5...
dumbell stack 5 60s rgb 300s hao3 dumbell stack 5 60s rgb 300s hao3
trifid lrgb
trifid lrgb trifid lrgb
whale and pup r...
whale and pup rgb whale and pup rgb


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